Wednesday, April 29, 2009

In Irkutsk, RF

As informs,
an enhanced safety control has been set in Irkutsk, RF region because of the swine flu .
Measures to curb the incidences of highly pathogenic virus influenza of pigs in all territories of Russia are implemented by Rospotrebnadzor Agency. In the airports of Bratsk and Irkutsk permanent sanitary and quarantine sites are working, in the places of passing the state border passengers are interviewed, if there is a need the temperature of the passangers is measured . All equipped with proximity thermometers. Now the region has a sufficient amount of disinfectants and personal protectants.
Every day, the Irkutsk region accepts 5-6 flights from abroad , substantially - from Asia. Particular attention is focused to citizens who come from America. People suspected with disease are to be isolated, coarse material will be sent to study at the Center of Virology and Epidemiology in Novosibirsk. In case of mass spread of the disease, some regional hospitals are planned to be re-profiled as infectious .

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