Thursday, May 7, 2009

Lion Poles, M.D.

Lion Poles, M.D.
Dep. Director General, Kaplan Medical Center, Israel :

United States: A woman in Texas becomes the second person to die in connection with H1N1. The 33-year-old school teacher, described by doctors as having “chronic underlying health conditions,” arrived at the hospital on April 19 pregnant and with flu symptoms. She died several days after giving birth to a healthy baby this week.
United States: Schools reopen across the country today as federal health officials retracted a recommendation to close if there was a possi­ble case H1N1 at the school. Although U.S. cases have been relatively mild, officials urge schools to continue to take common-sense meas­ures, such as frequent hand washing.
United States: The U.S. Navy is postponing an aid mission to the South Pacific after a sailor on the crew was confirmed as having H1N1. Nearly 50 other sailors on the ship showed symptoms of the virus, but none are confirmed. The Navy is looking for an alternative to meet the mission’s objectives.

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